New Brand Starter Pack

  This solution is aimed at users who are seeking to develop a new brand and in general require a rapid start to their online or campaign presence. Prices for this service start from 2,500 plus monthly service and hosting charges.

Get started here with:

  Identifying your Brand Values and Attributes

Brand Visualisations and logo development

Domain registration Simple web infrastructure and address bar searches

Liber8TM non-exclusive license for simple presentation of brand

Initial search engine marketing set up

Integrated web hosting service

E-branding and e-commerce opportunities


Brand Value Improvement & Business Enterprise Management Tools

  If you already have a valued brand then this solution aims to boost your on-line presence and e-branding. It provides access to a wider range of brand management services and options. Prices for this service start from 10,000 plus monthly service and hosting charges.

Grow Brand Value with:

  Access to address bar searching

Unique keyword database identifier for rapid search engine marketing

Call-to-Action system for maximum campaign recall

Improved internal brand prestige and information

Brand management tools to gather brand data

Integr8TM non-exclusive license for fully integrated brand presentation and differentiation

Search engine marketing review and re-launch

Integrated web services

e-brands and e-commerce development potential.


Business Enterprise Infrastructure & Brand Automation

  This business enterprise solution is a major review of your web site and its integration with your sales & marketing requirements. The product automates a variety of useful marketing and lead management tools to improve your response to clients and boost their perception of the brand. Spend less time searching data and more time acting on information. Prices for this solution start from 25,000 plus service and hosting charges. Update and integrate your brand knowledge base for internal and external users through: Options to purchase an Integr8TM exclusive license for a particular market segment.

Gaining real-time advantage by integrating multi-point data sources

Maximised internal brand prestige and information to employees

Optimised data collection about users through marketing automation techniques

Integrated web services for precision data management

Maximised potential for e-brands and e-commerce

Improved return on brand and Marketing investment.


Web Hosting and Domain Registration

  Our sister business SpecifiedIT can offer competitive web hosting services and domain registration to suit your needs. To promote our partnership all M4siz clients switching to SpecifiedIT services will receive free web hosting for a year.  
  Service Simple website 1 or 2 pages Linux Hosting Windows Hosting E-commerce Virtual Private Server  
Monthly Charge from 0.99 from 2.00 from 3.00 from 9.00 from 30.00