Trial Run M4Siz

  To trial run the site simply type your search requirement after the domain name: anything you like e.g. new brand starter pack.

This will return the set of search results best suiting your requirements.

This is a restricted demonstration to illustrate the concept behind the technology. The purpose being to demonstrate our ability to capture and process any search from the address bar. A fully M4siz'd site will be available shortly at .

Welcome to an M4siz'd world.

  Our invention is simple but opens a revolutionary way for you to speak to you clients it is indeed the ultimate brand management device. Using the address bar of any browser your clients can type their search or requirements directly into the address bar. In an M4siz’d site this is captured and return a unique page to the enquirer detailing an uncompromised search result for the products requested as well as opportunities for you to confirm the wisdom of their buying decision, cross sell complementary products to them or indeed upsell new products to them. Whether the enquirer is an external client or an internal client they will be presented with a brand package suiting their needs and potential wants  


You are now thinking “what is so clever about this”. This direct communication channel with your clients is unique no other company can offer such a tailored package simply through the address bar of your site.
  Remember this is not about a general consumer search where you are at the vagaries of search engine optimisation, Google Adsense and Adword campaigns as well as being set alongside your direct competition. All of which you have the privilege of paying for in some way. No this is about your brand, your communication with your client in a competitor free zone. You can also manage you product placement campaigns and pull rates far more effectively gathering consumer data that will improve your brand reach and brand value.