Q. What is your patent about?.

  A. Our patent specifically covers the use of the browser addresser bar to undertake non-syntactically correct URI (Universal Resource Identifiers ie the web address that is resolved for you to type into the browser address bar) searches. This means that any combination of words typed into the browser address bar that does not conform to IANA standards or http protocol standards may undermine the principles upheld in our patent. Specifically, this means that a URI typed into the browser such as companybrand.co.uk/any combination of words (the search string) is captured by our patent in all but a limited number of situations. This process can also be extended to the mis-use of error handling protocols to re-direct URIís to different URIís beyond those acceptable re-directions as defined in the IANA standards.Clearly our patent has huge potential in the marketing and promotion of brands and in the location of product information by customers..  

Q. Surely you cannot patent the internet?

A. True and this is not the intention of M4siz. The patent relates to a specific aspect of internet usage and practice. Our patent relate to the use of the browser address bar to undertake searches using non-syntactically correct URIís or natural word combinations..

Q. What happens if I did not realise that I was infringing your patent?

  A. While ignorance is not a defence nor is that fact that you perceive others to be using similar processes we appreciate that innocent breaches will occur. The notification you may receive from M4siz is not a threat, it is a notification that we have discovered a potential infringement of our patent using our first level screening tool. This tool is available to you on our website. After the notification is sent to you, M4siz will continue to review your site and any marketing collateral available to it to establish the nature of your infringement. Should an infringement be confirmed then we will expect you to purchase an annual Valid8 license to cover past and future usage. If an infringement is not confirmed then we will notify you but hope that you will find benefits from using our services in the future.  

Q You cannot patent redirection.

A. True and this is not the basis of our patents. The concepts embodied in the patents do not relate to syntactically correct URIís as defined by Tom Berners-Lee (the inventor of the internet) in RFC 1738,1945,2068 and 2616 which form the basis of the http scheme (protocol) as registered with IANA the standards body for the internet.

Virus Protection

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Q You cannot patent abbreviated URIís.

  A. Only if you are using syntactically correct URIís will you not undermine our patent. However, our original idea and subsequent patent was to envisage a time when the use of natural language search strings including abbreviated URIís would create a more human friendly way to promote and locate information via the web.